Grooming For Women

Dressing for success involves much more than just choosing the right outfit. Many factors contribute in creating a professional image in the minds of people of which, having a sense of personal grooming is one of the most important.

Grooming for Women

Just having an impressive presentation style is not complete in itself. Presentation not only involves your attire but also your appearance. Your persona must impress your clients, investors, and customers. At the same time, wearing outfits that are too revealing, or carrying a suggestive body language could send wrong signals to the same people whom you are trying to impress with your professional abilities.


Here is a set of tips that one should follow while grooming for an interview −

●      Avoid dark-colored shirts or tops if your hair has excessive dandruff.

●      Brush strands or dandruff off your dresses after combing your hair.

●      Avoid open hair, as they tend to distract not only the interviewer but also the applicant while solving problems or writing something. Avoid pigtails too, as they present an immature look. Wear hair in a bun or a ponytail so as to not draw any unwanted attention to your hair.

Grooming For Women

The dress code options available to Indian women are shown below −

Clockwise from the left − Kameez, Bund-galaa, Kurti, and Western.

Dress Options for Women

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