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Branding is a process of designing a distinct name and picture for an item in the minds of the customers, mainly through advertising campaigns. A brand is a name, signature, mark, term, symbol, design or mixture of these components used to determine an item, a family of goods, or all products of a company. Branding is a vital aspect or element of product planning process and proves to be a very essential and powerful tool for marketing and selling products.


The merging of the following components form a company’s corporate symbol or name −

●      Brand Name − It can be a single word, a combination of words, letters, or digits to highlight a product or service. For example, Pepsi, Lakme, Baggit, etc.

●      Trade Name − It promotes and advertises an enterprise or a division or a specific corporation through a corporate brand name. For example, Dell, Nike, Google, and many more.

●      Brand Mark − It is a distinct symbol, coloring, lettering, or other design component. Mostly, it is recognizable and need not be pronounced on spelled. For example, Apple’s apple, or Coca-Cola’s cursive typeface, Nike correct symbol.

●      Trade Mark − It is a word, name, letter, digit, symbol, or merging of these components. Trade mark is legally secured and owned by the government. For example,, NBC owns colorful peacock as its trade mark, or McDonald’s golden arches. No other enterprise can use these symbols.

●      Trade Characters − These characters include animals, people, animated characters, cartoons, objects that are used to promote a product or service, that is related with that product or service. For example, Godrej almirah and lockers.

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