How Managers Meet Expectations

When a person is designated a management profile, he will have access to various dimensions for change to take effect, regardless of it being a minor or major one. Some of these changes might be as simple as providing more opportunities to organize discussions with other entities of the organizations such as −

●      Marketing

●      Finance

●      Human Resources

●      Research and Development, etc.

Meet Expectations

Still a manager is capable of affecting a larger initiative like inducing change in the process of management of performance in order to achieve tougher corporate challenges. Now that the manager is familiar with the essential aspects to understand the work culture and the workplace environment a manager may operate in, it is crucial to shed some light on some critical challenges and opportunities that may be included within the new responsibilities of a manager.

Handling Issues of Cultural Sensitivity

The issue of misalignment in cultures is often noticed within huge organizations operating on a diverse number of business entities, where a significant cultural difference could be noticed from departments to departments.

Some of the most prominent industries that fit this category are financial services, consumer products, media conglomerates and a huge number of multinational enterprises. However, to everyone’s irony, many similar enterprises are also subjected to exactly the same kind of culture differences within various entities of the companies.

A manager is not usually anticipated to be in a position to affect major change within the corporation, but a manager his own significant role and the manager should always be well acquainted with the various levels and natures of cultures (that are industrial culture, organizational culture and departmental culture) to be able to correlate his department with the company as a whole.

Handling Issues

For example, he should be aware of the perception of the company and whether there are limited or abundant resources related to human resources, time, monetary findings available within the organization.

He needs to be prepared for future collaborations of his department with other entities of the company and be informed of the escalators and hurdles that he may encounter in such scenarios.

In addition to this, the role of a manager is also to see that the Human Resources Department is naturally supportive of training when it comes to the manager’s efforts, rewards programs compensation planning, recruitments, internal problem counseling, etc.

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