Pitfalls Of Micromanaging

A good manager should always keep in mind that having exact replicas of himself/herself in the team is never considered to be a good idea. Unless there are real issues affecting the performance. The manager must allow some dissimilarities in the way the team members handle things and must avoid micro management.

Various researchers state that the most significant reason behind employees leaving a company is because of a horrible relation with their direct bosses. While a bad relation with a manager is not necessarily always the outcome of micromanaging, it can induce a bad feeling in an already weak or strained relation.


The most effective way to be sure that a manager doesn’t end up becoming a micromanager is to follow strict managerial ethics and by consistently holding on becoming a better manager. If a person is working under a micromanager, it would be wise if he does not overreact and let all the anger out on the micromanager.

Micromanagers behave arrogantly because of problems not related to the workplace. Their behavioral style may be related to their personal life crisis than their business life. People need to realize that when working with a micromanager, battles should be picked carefully; not everything is worth quarreling for.

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