Cultivating a Winning Behavior

Humility is an endearing quality to a lot of people. There’s a saying that greatness awes you, familiarity connects you. Humility makes people love and respect you as they equate your success with your being humble. Nobody likes a person who’s arrogant and excessively proud of his achievements.

Having said that, even humble people fail at times. The difference is in the way of accepting a failure. Where aggressive people will try to turn around and blame anyone in their line of sight for a failure, a humble person would first look inwards and identify areas of improvement in him, before passing judgement on anybody.

The way you behave with people is the way they remember you as. Self-centered arrogant people don’t carry an influential aura around them. They were successful despite their superior attitude, and not because of it. People would do well to understand the difference. Anyway, the times of these kinds of bossy people have long come and gone, for good.

Cultivating Winning Behavior

Also, it’s always better to immediately accept your mistake and take responsibility, so that ego-related problems end as quickly as possible. It is only then that you can plan on the next steps and get back to a successful life.

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