Negative Self-Esteem

People having a very critical opinion of themselves tend to under-appreciate even the good efforts they have put in, and view even genuine praise as flattery. This undermining of one’s own talent and hard-work leads others to treat you the same way.

Negative Self-Esteem

There is an old saying that everybody treats you the way you treat yourself. If you don’t take yourself seriously, there is very little chance of others doing so. We have listed some of the most-widely observed qualities of people with low self-esteem.

People with a negative self-esteem exhibit the following qualities −

●      Crave perfectionism

●      Fear of being ridiculed

●      Blaming others for failure

●      Fear of exploring new ventures

●      Very self-critical and self-effacing

●      Feeling unaffectionate towards others

●      Fighting with a sense of worthlessness

●      Not trusting even close friends and relatives

●      Negative attitude and pessimistic view of life

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