Pleasurable Activities

Every person has something that he loves to do. We might call it a hobby, but it need not be an activity all the time. Indulging in pleasurable activities is a great way of building positive self-esteem. Not only does it give you good memories, but it also helps you understand the fact that life’s not so miserable, after all.

Here is a list of pleasurable activities that you may indulge in. Mind you, this list is not comprehensive by any means!

●      Collecting things●      Taking long rides●      Debating●      Playing computer games●      Shopping●      Playing cricket●      Dressing up and looking nice●      Meditating●      Going on a picnic●      Writing diary entries or letters●      Rearranging furniture in house●      Photography●      Gardening●      Exchanging emails, chatting●      Writing books (poems, articles)●      Going out to dinner●      Playing musical instruments●      Cooking, baking●      Driving●      Entertaining●      Sketching, Painting●      Sleeping●      Going camping●      Going to the beach●      Having discussions with friends●      Having family get-togethers●      Going to a party●      Remembering beautiful scenery●      Going to the gym, doing aerobics●      Reading magazines●      Spending an evening with friends●      Listening to music●      Thinking about my past trips●      Relaxing●      Going to a movie●      Going for a holiday●      Jogging, walking●       

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