Paradigm Shift in Problem Solving

A paradigm is a collection of rules and guidelines that helps us achieve success within the boundaries. These boundaries are drawn keeping in mind the definition of success and failure within that system. Paradigm shifts are complete movements away from the prescribed structure and is different from constant or linear improvement.

Active Success

While sticking to a paradigm, it may create momentary success, it may also make people overlook possible business opportunities or even threats to their business. Two rivals may analyze the same chance or threat in two unique ways and the one with the best response will surely gain a better advantage.

Hence, a paradigm shift is one of the best things to happen in business and should be encouraged. It is important to note here that Creative problem solving is responsible for bringing different thoughts that are normally not brought out through traditional methods and approaches of problem solving.

Case Study: From Steam-Driven to Petrol-Driven Cars

Red Flag

The steam car was initially considered a flop invention; it was too cumbersome and projected a lot of difficulty in controlling it. The first coal powered engine or the first petrol vapor powered engines were also not considered successes as they created so much noise distraction on the public highways that the police banned their further uses.

It was Edward Butler who had produced what many would say a “futuristic model” of a petroldriven tricycle, with a two-cylinder motor, a carburetor and ignition through a spark plug produced by a dynamo in 1884. Those were the Red Flags Laws days, when driving any such vehicle may carry grave consequences if their speeds moved up from 4 miles per hour on roads and two miles per hour in built up areas.

The name “Red Flags” came from the stringent laws passed on using any such forms of commutation, where the owner of any such vehicle must employ another person walking in front of the vehicle carrying red flags and warning people of an oncoming vehicle, which was still okay for the owners of these cars as the earlier laws awarded death sentences for such inventions.

It was Creative problem solving that made these gentlemen pursue their dreams and complete their inventions, even on the face of dire consequences. These creative thinkers can be credited as the fathers of the modern lifestyle of the 21st century.

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