Ingredients of CRM

Take a look at the following illustration. It shows the ingredients that work together to form a successful CRM system.

Ingredients of CRM

Here are some of the important ingredients of CRM −

●      Analytics − Analytics is the process of studying, handling, and representing data in various graphical formats such as charts, tables, trends, etc., in order to observe market trends.

●      Business Reporting − Business Reporting includes accurate reports of sales, customer care, and marketing.

●      Customer Service − Customer Service involves collecting and sending the following customer-related information to the concerned department −

○    Personal information such as name, address, age

○    Previous purchase patterns.

○    Requirements and preferences.

○    Complaints and suggestions.

●      Human Resource Management − Human Resource Management involves employing and placing the most eligible human resource at a required place in the business.

●      Lead Management − Lead Management involves keeping a track of the sales leads and distribution, managing the campaigns, designing customized forms, finalizing the mailing lists, and studying the purchase patterns of the customers.

●      Marketing − Marketing involves forming and implementing sales strategies by studying existing and potential customers in order to sell the product.

●      Sales Force Automation − Sales Force Automation includes forecasting, recording sales, processing, and keeping a track of the potential interactions.

●      Workflow Automation − Workflow Automation involves streamlining and scheduling various processes that run in parallel. It reduces costs and time, and prevents assigning the same task to multiple employees.

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