Brand Management – Architecture

When the company portfolio is growing, the brands tend to evolve. It is critically important to define the structure of the brands within a portfolio to keep the brand health strong.

The brand managers need to take various decisions such as considering the right time to extend the existing brand, selecting appropriate brand name, whether or not to have different websites for multiple brands and so on. Since each of such decisions has direct implications on the future, a plan for brands is developed to provide clarity to the consumers.

Brand architecture comes in play while presenting the brand efficiently. Let us learn more about brand architecture.

What is Brand Architecture?    

It is the structure of the brand in an organizational entity that defines how various brands and sub-brands in a company’s portfolio are related to each other or are different from one another.

Brand architecture provides a hierarchy that depicts the roles and relationships within the products and services that make a company’s portfolio and makes sure that the external stakeholders understand the value of what the brands offer.

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