Types of Co-branding

There are various types of co-branding as follows −

●      Ingredient Co-branding − Multiple brands provide distinctive ingredient or component to the carrier brand. For example, Intel chip inside all computers.

●      Product-Service Co-branding − It is a co-branding between a product and a service. For example, Best Western International, Inc. owns and operates a chain of hotels with state-of-the-art amenities and services to its customers. It runs an exclusive rewards program for Harley Davidson owners. The participating riders get lavish privileged treatment at the hotel.

●      Alliance Co-branding − Multiple brand serve the same target audience. For example, Etihad Airways Partners, is a new brand which brings like-minded airlines together to offer customers more choice in flight schedules and enhanced frequent flyer benefits.

●      Supplier-Retailer Co-branding − Starbucks Wi-Fi started from AT&T in the most number of metropolitan cities in USA since 2008.

●      Promotional Co-branding − It is an alliance of a brand with persons or events.

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