Handling Brand Transfer

To handle actual brand transfer, follow the given steps −

●      Chalk out a plan of brand transfer.

●      Let every department know, that it is going to be a combined effort of all departments in the company.

●      Warn the employees, retailers, opinion leaders and prescribers well in advance.

●      Communicate clearly to the customers about the brand change.

●      Invest time for all customers to know about the brand transfer.

●      Keep the transitional period of the brand transfer minimal.

Brand Image Transfer

The following three factors facilitate brand image transfer −

Product Resemblance

When consumers consider source brand’s product and target brand’s product or product category similar. For example, it is more likely for a pasteurized milk brand to boost a lowcalorie cheese brand than a soap brand.

Target Group Resemblance

If the target brand aims for the same target group as the source brand, there are high chances of target brand succeeding as the initial purchases of a target brand will mainly be made by consumers of the source brand. When the target brand tailors to another target group then initial sales will not be significantly high.

Family Resemblance

Family resemblance means that the look and feel of the source brand and the target brand have to be largely the same. The consumers are perceived by symbols and colors while assessing the brand hence a similar style can transfer their associations with the source brand to the target brand.

Family Resemblance

Image transfer may still become successful, provided the marketing communication is clear and aggressive, and advertising campaign is intensive.

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