SMM – Monitoring Social Media Accounts

Once you are done with implementing Social Media Optimization (SMO) strategies, you need to check your output and the places where you shine. To analyze your efforts, you need to gather data incurred via Social Media.

You can use the following tools to analyze what you have gained and how successful you were in engaging people across the world.

● − Find out your social scores.

● − Analyze the social status of your competitors.

●      Google Insights − Analyze the insights of your business, for example, traffic sources, page views, etc.

● − Track what people are saying about your company, a new product, or any topic across the web’s social media landscape in real-time.

Social Media Accounts

SMO at Various Levels                                               

●      Twitter − Optimize your business summary here. Use brief summary instead of titles. Its 140-character word limit compels users to use less but wise words. It makes twitter summaries outstanding. If you master writing great summaries on Twitter, your business will soon reach the top bracket.

●      Facebook − Be conversational. Use of news feeds. Post good and engaging content. Conversational summaries bind people and bring them closer to you.

●      Linkedin − Share your content and discuss your posts here. Create and attend group discussions related to your business. It marks your presence on the web. Optimize your content and make it informative. Rewrite it in a manner that invites commentary. It makes followers feel like a part of it.

●      Google − Share strong images relevant to your business. It repurposes your content, making it more readable.

Tools to Measure Your Popularity

We all are very much interested in what people say about our business. Referring to search queries is one way to know it, however there are plenty of tools available for this purpose −

●      Google E-Mail Alert Systems

●      SocialMention

●      TweetDeck

●      Technorati

All these tools let you know what is in air about you by sending keywords and phrases in your inbox or showing them in real-time on tool dashboard.

Goal Creation and Achievement

●      Have a strong strategic goal. Determine what you want achieve.

●      Make your goals measurable and work towards achieving them.

●      Set realistic goals keeping your brand health in mind.

●      Set goals according to the market and current trends.

●      Your goals should ultimately materialize in creating greater revenue.

Traffic, Analytics, and Statistics

You can use Analytics to measure the traffic incurred through social media. Just set up goals that match your business goals and measure them. Social media reports give you a clear picture.

●      Go to the social media reporting section under traffic sources.

●      Discover the social media sites that redirect traffic to your site.

●      You can also opt for advanced segments to individually analyze each visit.

●      Take a look at the audience report and track their behavior. See what is benefitting you and where you are losing.

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