Overview and rough comparison of the Quality Management systems

Benefits and disadvantages of a (certified) QMS

Quality management systems, such as ISO Standards or EFQM, have advantages but also have disadvantages. The following slides give an example :

Implementation of a quality management system

Independent of what kind of quality management system an organization wants to implement, certain basic points support a successful realization:

·         Clear decision and support of the management Board

·         Appointment of a quality manager and a project team

·         Providing specific quality management training and education

·         Providing sufficient resources (time!)

·         Creating a project plan with timelines, milestones and measures

·         Informing, involving and motivating all employees

·         …

On the other hand certain factors may risk a successful implementation of a quality management system. Some of them are:

·         Resistance and a lack of support of the management Board

·         Insufficient resources for the project team and quality manager

·         Lack of inclusion of employees

·         Resistance among employees, it can be caused through e.g., worries about high bureaucracy or staff reduction

·         …

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