Types of Brand Architectures

They can be varied from pure to hybrid. However, generally brand architecture is distinguished into two categories − House of brands and Branded house.

House of Brands           Branded House
Product BrandRange BrandLine BrandEndorsing BrandUmbrella brandSource brandMaster brand
Multiple brands or activities are brought together under a single name. There is complete freedom for the management of divisions, activities and the brands.For example,Mitsubishi Motors division and Mitsubishi Electricals division are completely unrelated except the fact that they come under Mitsubishi business. Both divisions manage their own advertising, and brand values, and obtain separate profits.It is a family of brands with high degree of unity. Here, the master brand structures the child brands in such a manner that they are capable of expressing the value of a parent brand. Master brand is the single brand acting as a driving force.For example, Google.Google books, Google maps, Google Translate, Google Mail, etc., all come under the master brand Google and only differentiate in their descriptions.

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