8 Reasons Why Daily Creativity Is So Important!

The human brain is designed to be alert and active. This is why we feel ‘restless’ or ‘bored’ when in a stagnant situation or a fixed routine. Here’s 8 reasons why this restlessness should be channelized into doing something creative like writing, drawing, painting, taking photographs, playing music or even cooking, every day!

1. It helps in divergent thinking in all aspects of life

Whether it is work, play or an unfamiliar situation in life, knowing that you can tap into your creative side to come up with new solutions for the toughest things is an advantage that will help you no matter what.

2. It gives you new ways of expressing yourself

Creativity is an outlet that can take any form you want it to. When you translate an internal thought via an external channel, it becomes available for the world to see and learn from, while you have the opportunity to convey your feelings.

3. It is satisfying

What’s better than knowing that no matter what age or what stage of life you are in, the world is yours to explore? You will never feel like you have hit a dead end, because you will have the capacity to see what others can’t.

4. Trying new mediums of expression leads to mastery of at least one

In the process of creating something new, you may find that you have a flair or a talent that was hidden deep inside you all your life that you can now proudly list as one of your abilities.

5. It is a touch of ‘you’ in the world

Your creation is a projection of you and your deepest thoughts, translated into a beautiful work that adds to the value of not only your life, but also that of others.

6. Self-reliance and self-confidence boost

When you know that you needn’t rely on external factors for mental stimulation, it is a major personal triumph. When you know that you are living up to your true potential, you are truly happy.

7. It becomes a part of you forever

A creative person allows themselves to be their true self, without worrying about being judged. Creativity becomes ingrained in your very essence as an individual.

8. It makes life worth it

You will soon realize that the very thought of being creatively able is what pushes you to get out of bed every morning, to create that new recipe, or to explore that new path.

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