Recruitment: Constant Process

Managers should not develop the habit of commissioning recruitments in last-moment scenarios. Good managers tend to be acquainted with people long before they call them for a recruitment. These may be people they have had interactions with on a public transit, or through casual conversations, or mutual connections.

It’s quite possible for a manager to meet people whose background and experience well suited for specific jobs in his company, but there might be no job openings at that time. Sometimes, the candidates may not desire the position for themselves but they can recommend someone who is eligible for the position, desires the job and is available for recruitment.

A Constant Process

During industry events like conferences and trade shows, a manager can take a mental note of any candidate who he finds impressive. For an instance, a manager may hear a speaker in the industry who possesses great public-speaking abilities, something that is part of the manager’s criteria.

Sometimes, a manager could come across a candidate with raw talent that needs some polishing. In that case, a manager can advise the candidate to prepare himself and keep following up with him after a fixed duration.

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