Self-Confidence Worksheet-1

The following quiz will ask you a set of questions about how you rate yourself on different facets of human life. The questions are all on a True/False basis so the participant is instructed to self-evaluate before answering the questions.

After having taken a decision, put a tick on the box and introspect. The ideal time complete this activity is 10–15 minutes, however the participant can take additional time if he needs.

S.No.                                            Questions            TrueFalse
1I have difficulty in accepting myself the way I am.
2I constantly worry about changing my appearance.
3I am more worried about my failures to celebrate my successes.
4I think many people would not be fond of the real β€˜me’.
5I feel everyone is more confident and deserving than me.
6I avoid taking new projects and challenges as much as possible.
7I feel underrated around successful people.
8I am always worried about not making mistakes.
9I feel that I am incompetent and low on talent.
10I feel worthless.

Download Self-Confidence Worksheet-1.

Note βˆ’ If the number of ticks you give yourself on the True column exceeds 5, you know you have to bring a drastic change in your self-image and confidence levels. People who get scores upwards of 7 should really seek assistance.

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