Defining Resilience

Resilience is the quality that helps an individual bounce back from failures and gain his focus back after learning from his mistakes. Joy and disappointment are a part and parcel of human life. While many would sink after a debacle, a resilient person would analyze his shortcomings in his previous attempts and come back with much more preparation and determination than ever.

Psychologists point out the quality of resilience as the most sought-after quality in todays’ youth. People now are much more adaptive to changing environments due to the globalization of business, as compared to people two decades back.

Defining Resilience

This change can be squarely attributed to the changing dynamics at the workplace, need for energetic and focused performers, and the need to be able to recover from a spot of bother in a short period of time.

Resilience can help you deal with sudden changes with working environments and unforeseen circumstances that may come up at work. Nowadays, the ability to quickly change and adapt to a new situation, and to be productive in a new situation are the need of the hour.

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