Differences in Push and Pull System

The major differences between push and pull view in supply chain are as follows −

●      In the push system, the implementation begins in anticipation of customer order whereas in the pull system, the implementation starts as a result of customer’s order.

●      In the push system, there is an uncertainty in demand whereas in pull system, the demand remains certain.

●      The push system is a speculative process whereas the pull system is a reactive process.

●      The level of complexity is high in the push system whereas it is low in the pull system.

●      The push based system concentrates on resources allocation whereas the pull system stresses on responsiveness.

●      The push system has a long lead time whereas the pull system has a short lead time.

●      The push system assists in supply chain planning whereas the pull system facilitates in order completion.

To conclude, the push based supply chain integrations works with an objective of minimizing the cost whereas the pull based supply chain integration works with an objective to maximize the services it provides.

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