Marketing and Promotion of the Event


·         After studying this unit, you should be able to:

·         Know the meaning of marketing

·         Identify five P’s of marketing

·         Understand the key concept of promotion

·         Explain the key point in planning and promoting an event

·         Describe the Event Planning Training and Internship


What is the point of organizing a seminar or plan other event if nobody is going to show up? How can you guarantee that people will show up and that you will get the target audience that you want? In this unit we will discuss about the promotional methods and the strategies that can be used to effectively market or promote the events. You see around yourself and just see any big show on TV like the reality shows nowadays, they all are using some sort of events to raise the TRP. It seems that everywhere you look someone is marketing events or events are being used to market products and services.

Event Planning and Promotion

Standing different from others while planning event can be done only when an event is properly planned. Accurately planned events have least chances of going wrong. There are various things involved in event promotion and planning like selecting venue, marketing, getting sponsorship, preparing committee, arranging finance, carrying out registration process, etc. All these things can be effectively done only when there is proper team work. Important part of event planning is designing of stall and making arrangements for displays.

Following points are taken into consideration while planning and promoting an event:

1. Determine your objective: Determine the objective which is achievable. Don’t set targets which are impossible to reach.

2. Competitor: Who are your competitors in event? Depending on this you can strengthen your weakness and present yourself perfectly.

3. Prepare checklist: Prepare checklist for promotion and planning in order to avoid last minute work. Proper planned schedule will allow you to continue with error free work.

4. Focus on product and design: What product you are exhibiting? Are you ready with design? Notes Your product should not over shadow the design and neither your design should over shadow the product. Keep proper balance while displaying product in order to make design captivating.

5. Budget: Do not overdo with your expenses that you find it difficult to recover expenses and make profit. Following are the things you need to consider while preparing budget:

·         Rent of space you occupy for event

·         Money involved behind construction of design

·         Travelling expenses

·         Cost of transportation

·         Money involved behind various promotional activities.

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