General Steps of Brand Building

Brand stays in the minds of consumers and helps the company to grow their market share and revenue. Here are few basic steps to build a strong brand −

●      Study the market, need of the hour, competitors, and target audience. Study the purpose of what you wish to accomplish through the brand.

●      Decide brand personality, culture, and profile. Think of distinctive features to stand out from the competitors.

●      Identify how the stakeholders perceive the brand. Bridge the perception gaps.

●      Decide where you want the brand to position in the market.

●      Create a plan and work on strategies where you want to place the brand.

●      Communicate the brand to consumers via TV ads, social media, online marketing, etc.

●      Make sure the consumers remember the brand.

●      Evaluate if the consumers are influenced in a right way and if you have accomplished the purpose.

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