Brand Promotion Methods

There are various brand promotion methods conducted to keep the brand noticeable −

●      Organizing Contests − To attract the consumers, various contests are organized for consumers without having them to purchase the product and giving away gifts or prizes.

●      Promotion on Social Media − When the brand is promoted on social media, it is not perceived as “aggressively trying to sell”, rather as being able to communicate at a more personal level.

●      Product Giveaways − This strategy is used for promoting edibles, toiletries, foods, etc., where a small sample is given away to the consumers for free trial.

●      Point-of-Sale Promotion − These items are placed near the checkout counter in the store and are often purchased by consumers on impulse as they wait to be checked out.

●      Customer Referral Incentive Programs − This is a way to bring new customers with the help of the existing customers by offering some incentives to the existing customers.

●      Causes and Charity − Some percent of the amount after selling the product is donated for a cause or charity thereby promoting the product. Charity and cause are the reasons which induce the feelings of helping in the customers.

●      Promotional Gifts − It is giving away of gifts which the customers can practically use, such as caps, key chains, pens, etc. This helps the brand to always remain with the customers and creates an emotional attachment.

●      Customer Appreciation − It is organized with the objective of not selling the product or service. It is a way of creating a fond memory attached with the brand. It includes organizing in-store refreshment events with the offer of food treats of pizza, burger, beverages, etc. It is an effective way to bring new potential customers.

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