Role of Brand Managers in Brand Leveraging

The brand managers can create a strong brand leveraging, by maintaining the quality of all products in different categories under the brand.

The brand managers need to decide which products can be leveraged under a brand. It is very important for them to leverage a brand only into related or associated categories of the original product.

In order to make the best decision for the brand, they need to find answers for the following questions −

●      Is the new product related to the established product family?

●      Does the established brand has characteristics that can be effectively carried on into new categories?

●      What will be the appropriate leveraging strategy?

●      What will be the impact on original brand name? Will it be strengthened or diluted?

●      Does the company have essential facilities to manufacture and distribute a new and differentiated product?

●      Will sales of the new product cover the cost of product development and marketing?

●      If leveraging fails, what are the policies to revert or to keep original brand’s reputation?

A brand leveraging strategy can be extremely successful and profitable if it is correctly implemented and provides new products with the right image.

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