Use of a JAD Session

JAD sessions are highly structured, facilitated workshops that bring together customer decision makers and IT staff to produce high quality deliverables in a short period.

In other words, a JAD Session enables customers and developers to quickly come to an agreement on the basic scope, objectives and specifications of a project or in case, not come to an agreement which means the project needs to be re-evaluated.

Simply put, JAD sessions can

●      Simplify − It consolidates months of meetings and phone calls into a structured workshop.

●      Identify − Issues and participants

●      Quantify − Information and processing needs

●      Clarify − Crystallize and clarify all requirements agreed upon in the session.

●      Unify − The output from one phase of development is input to the next.

●      Satisfy − The customers define the system; therefore, it is their system. Shared participation brings a share in the outcome; they become committed to the systems success.

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