Other Major Activities

Following a thorough examination of current business processes, you can offer highly professional assistance in identifying the optimal approach of modelling the system.

●      Organizing the preparation of a formalized and uniform description of business processes in a manner ensuring efficient automation in the system.

●      Assistance to your teams in filling out standard questionnaires for the relevant system as may be furnished by the developers.

●      Participation in working meetings requirements towards the developers are defined.

●      Check and control as to whether the requirements set by you have been properly “reproduced” and recorded in the documents describing the future model in the system (Blueprints).

●      Preparation of data and assisting for prototyping the system.

●      Assistance in preparation of data for migration of lists and balances in the format required by the system.

●      Review of the set-up prototype for compliance with the requirements defined by the business process owners.

●      Acting as a support resource to your IT teams in preparing data and actual performance of functional and integration tests in the system.

In the next section, we will discuss briefly about some of the popular Business Modelling Tools used by large organizations in IT environments.

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