Forms of Inflation

Inflation may be of different forms, such as:

Demand Pull Inflation

• When in an economy aggregate demand exceeds aggregate supply.

• Aggregate demand may increase due to an increase in money supply, or money income or public expenditure.

• The idea of demand inflation is associated with full employment when supply cannot be altered.

• In this graph SS and DD are aggregate supply and demand curves.

• Op and Oq are equilibrium price and equilibrium output.

• Due to exogenous causes demand curves shifts right-wards to D1 D1 .

• At the current price Op, demand increase by qq2 .

• But supply is Oq.

• Excess demand qq2 put pressure on price, which gradually rises from Op to Op1 .

• At this price a new equilibrium is achieved where Demand = Supply.

• The excess demand is eliminated by fall in demand and rise in supply arising out of rise in price.

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