State Financial Corporations (SFC)


v  SFC was established in 1951 after three years of the establishment of IFCI.

v  SFCs were set-up in various states as regional institutions to cope with the requirements of medium and small scales industries.

v  The first SFC was in Punjab, set up in 1953.

v  The authorised capital shall not be less than fifty lakhs of rupees or exceed five hundred crores of rupees (as per the State Financial Corporations Act, 1951). • The public can hold can hold 25% of the share and the rest is held by State.

v  These corporations can sell bonds and debentures and accept term deposits from public.

Functions: Some important functions of the SFCs are –

ü  to guarantee loans raised by industrial units to be repaid within 20 years,

ü  to grant loans and advances repayable within 20 years,

ü  to subscribe, shares bonds and debentures of industrial concerns.

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