Rules of Employee Engagement

Every HR is bound to follow a set of rules in order to maintain the ethics and justify the role of HR. The following rules must be followed to engage the employees in an organization.

Don’t Sweat Over Reviews

Don’t judge people on the basis of what others say about them. Instead, judge a person on his/her abilities and performance.

Discover Your Company’s Purpose

Invent the purpose or object of the company, discover the new objectives or target points that can be set for the company.

Survey, But Keep It Short and Follow Up

When asked about an update, try to keep it to the point and short; be specific. There is no point in explaining unnecessary details, which are not relevant to the topic.

There Is Only So Much You Can Do

Give yourself a break. Don’t try to complete all the work at the same time; analyze your potential and work accordingly.

Don’t Worry About Engagement

Don’t worry about always fitting into the group; show what you are. Rules are fine, but simply having actual conversations and asking employees what we can do better is much more valuable.

If employees can’t sit down with their boss and talk about things, then it can be detrimental for the company in the long run — doesn’t matter how many stringent rules are put in place.

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