Types of Compensations

We have learnt about what compensation and its importance is. However, when it comes to an organization, be it private or public, compensations are further divided into the following −

Direct Compensation

It is naturally made up of salary payments and health benefits. The creation of salary ranges and pay scales for different positions within an organization are the central responsibility of compensation management staff.

Direct compensation that is in line with the industry standards facilitates employees with the assurance that they are getting paid fairly. This helps the employer not to worry about the costly loss of trained staff to a competitor.

Indirect Compensation

It focuses on the personal encouragements of each individual to work. Although salary is essential, people are most productive in jobs where they share the company’s values and priorities.

These benefits can include things like free staff development courses, subsidized day care, the chances for promotion or transfer within the company, public recognition, the ability to effect change or bring some changes in the workplace, and service to others.

These are the two types of compensation that need to be managed and have its own contribution in the development of the organization. Moving forward, we will see the different components of compensation.

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