Global Trade – Major Challenges

Global trade and investment or broadly, globalization, is a common market condition for all countries of the world now. However, it is not free from challenges. To be specific, there are seven major challenges to global trade and investment the world is facing now.

Economic Warfare

Globalization has a tough challenge against polarization and conflicting issues. The world is experiencing increased conflicts, major economic powers are seizing influence, financial sanctions are being used as a weapon, and the Internet is breaking into pieces. Therefore, the international flow of money, information, products and services may slow down.


Globalization is a kind of Americanization. The United States is still a dominating economy and the hallmark of the international financial system. Moreover, information age is promoting the democratization of information. It is paving the way for demanding more information and the autocrats now need to care more about public opinion. The developments of developing countries are making them more or less like America.

State Capitalism

The United States was a strong nation in the last quarter of the century. But now, state capitalism in a modern form is gripping many nations. This is creating new segments in the markets and destroying the uniformity expected from globalization. Now, there is nothing predominantly American or about globalization itself.

Lack of Leadership

Globalization will continue rapidly, but the U.S led world order is getting diminished. An inconsistent, war-ridden United States lacks the will and ability to provide global leadership. Moreover, no other country is interested in taking its place. The West is having its own problems, and allies are only interested in hedging their bets. Therefore, there is no clear and definite way for globalization to progress and it is getting distorted.

Power Distribution

China, Russia, Turkey, India, and some other emerging nations are getting powerful enough to dismantle the US led theory of globalization. But they lack synchronization and influence. Their values and interests are not compatible. So, a regionalized world is emerging. Americanization and globalization are neither believed to be one and the same now nor is it preached by these power-seeking nations.

Weaker Underdogs

The regional economic powerhouses are getting more room to operate in today’s world. Russia is intruding in its backyard, Germany is experiencing firm control over Euro zone, and China is rapidly rising in the Asia-Pacific. These major countries are trying to consolidate power without caring for the smaller countries near them. It is a kind of ‘hollowing of the peripherals’ that is accelerating.

Price Fluctuations of Natural Resources

The oil monopoly is deteriorating and many clashes and terrorist incidents are tearing the world apart. In such turmoil, the very essence of globalization is somehow getting blurred. These time-sensitive challenges are being faced by all international and huge global companies. While the problems don’t seem to end soon, the global companies now have the choice to exercise their power in a global scale. They may or may not adapt to the new trend, but their superiority and powers have definitely got a boost due to the predominantly geopolitical crises.

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