Types of Performance Evaluation Systems

Performance evaluation systems can be of the following types −

●      Budget Programming − Budget programming is prepared for operational planning and financial control. It is an easy-to-calculate system to evaluate the variance. It is used to measure the current performance in relation to some comparable performance metric from the past.

●      Management Audit − It is an extended form of financial audit system which monitors the quality of management decisions in financial operations. It is used for appraisal and performing audit for management.

●      Programme Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) − Based on CPM, PERT delineates a given project or program into network of activities or sub-activities. The goal is to optimize the time spent by the managers. In this process, performance is measured by comparing the scheduled time and the cost allocated with the actual time and the cost.

●      Management Information System (MIS) − MIS is an ongoing system designed to plan, monitor, control, appraise, and redirect the management towards pre-defined targets and goals. It is a universally acceptable practice which encompasses the financial, budgeting, audit and control systems of the PERT.

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