Effective Communication Skills


Communication is the only interaction that we make when we involve with another party. Regardless of whether it is personal relationship or a professional one, communication keeps us connected to one another in the community.

Therefore, communication is the main mechanism where the conflicts are arisen as well as they are solved.

Therefore, effective communication can make sure that you communicate appropriately and correctly in order to minimize such confrontations.

In case, there are disagreements or conflicts, effective communication can be again used for solving such issues.

The Main Skills for Effective Communication

Following are the main skills one should have to master to become an effective communicator.

Although acquiring all these skills and mastering them to the same level seems to be challenging, knowing all these skills and slowly working on them will take you to the level you want to be in communication.

Staying Focused

When you deal with a current crisis or an argument, relating something from the past is quite natural.

When this happens, most of the times, the discussion goes out of topic and the situation can become quite complicated.

Staying focused is one of the best skills not only for communicating under pressure, but for all types of communications ranging from lunch chitchats to board discussions.

If you go out of focus, there is a high chance that the end result of the communication may not be effective.

Listening Carefully

Although people think that they are listing when another person talks, actually they are spending time planning what to say next.

This is what we actually do! Therefore, you need to make an extra effort in order to listen to what the other person says and then come up with what you want to say.

If you are not sure what you’ve heard, repeat it and ask for their confirmation.

Understanding Others’ Point of Views

In most of the communications, we want ourselves heard and understood. We talk a lot on our point of view and try to get the buying of who are listening.

Remember, others also do the same! If you want them to hear you, you need to hear them and understand their point of view too.

If you can really see through their point of view, you can actually explain yours in a clear and applicable way.

Empathy When Criticizing

Sometimes, we become really defensive when someone criticizes us. Since criticism has close ties with emotions, we can be easily erupted.

But, in communication, it is really important to listen to the other person’s pain and difficulties and respond with empathy.

At the same time, try to extract the facts and the truth in what they say, it can be useful for you.

Taking Ownership

Taking personal responsibility is a strength. When it comes to effective communication, admitting what you did wrong is respected and required.

Most of the times, there are many people, who share responsibility in a conflict. In such cases, admit what is yours. This behaviour shows maturity and sets an example.

Your behaviour most probably will inspire others to take responsibility for their share.

Compromise if Necessary

We love to win arguments all the time, but how often have you felt empty inside after winning an argument? Sometimes, winning an argument does not make sense.

You may win the argument but might lose the corporation of other people. Communication is not about winning, it’s about getting things done.

For the objective of getting things done, you may have to compromise in the process. If it is necessary, please do!

Take a Time-Out if Necessary

Sometimes, you need to take a break in the middle of the discussion. If the communication is intensive, there can be ineffective communication pattern surfaced.

Once you notice such patterns, you need to take a break and then continue. When you continue after the break, all the parties involved in the discussion will be able to constructively contribute for the discussion.

Compete for Your Objective

Although there can be a lot of obstacles on your way, do not give up what you are fighting for.

Surely you may have to compromise, but clearly stand for what you believe in. When it comes to communication, all the parties involved should satisfy with the outcome of it.

Ask for Help

Sometimes, you might have difficulties to communicate certain things to certain parties. This could be due to an issue related to respect or something else.

In such cases, seek help from others. Your manager will be one of the best persons to help you with.


In a corporate environment, effective communication is the key to win your way to success.

Regardless of whether you are targeting your career growth or winning the next big project, effective communication can make your way to the objective.

In addition, effective communication can get you a lot of support from your subordinates as well.

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