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Some of the most important parameters on which the performance of a company is gauged are linked to good preemptive measures and foreseeing decisions. A company thrives on managers who can take timely decisions by asking themselves tough and transparent questions on whether they are aware of the happenings around the world and what do these changes mean for them, their competitors, and customers.

They should be able to determine the factors that are needed to get the desired results in a company sustaining growth and profitability in the longer run. Some of them are −

SalesThe volume of products/services that has been purchased from the company through its various channels and outlets.
ProfitThe amount of revenue the company generated compared to the amount that was invested in developing and designing the product.
InventoryThe stock of products and cash that a company keeps with to face imminent situations like demand or crisis.
Time to marketDeciding the time to start the launching of a product and the duration it should be advertised and marketed.
ExpensesCosts to the company under all the various heads.
Employees hiredTotal number of people in the staff.
Employees trainedthe number of employees who were provided the initial “bootcamp” training and the subsequent process-oriented trainings
Cost of trainingPayments made out to other training organizations for providing their company’s employees training.
Turnover MeasuresComparing the volume of output with the amount of investment.
Predict the futureHaving a futuristic vision based on current trends and market studies.
Political decisionsMore pronounced in capitalist governments, where major decisions could be taken backed by corporates.
Changes in governmentPolicy changes brought in by the new government.
Changes in the economyGlobal economies also influence the decisions of a company is a huge way, especially if the company has got a global presence.
Readiness rateIt is measured by the increased percent of employees successfully completing a job-related training course.

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