Common Errors in Business Writing

When it comes to business writing, the mandate is – “less is enough”. Many people either use too much content in their writing or supply too less and incomplete information. It is quite a challenge to strike a balance between the two. Let’s discuss the most commonly found errors that writers make –

●      Many use big, difficult words like “loggerheadscumbersome” for describing things that can easily be explained using much simpler words like “quarrelclumsy”. Not only do these words confuse, they are also vague, in that they don’t explain anything clearly.

●      Excessively formal style — Sentences like “We would desire it to the best of my intentions that you make your presence felt” have come and gone with the colonial rulers. “We will be pleased if you come.” does the same job with half the words and none of the confusion.

●      Now, let’s come down to the main culprit – typing and spelling errors, like “spritemeatusher” instead of “spiritmeetuser” not only changes the entire meaning of the sentence but also causes embarrassment. Imagine someone writing – “I will saw you soon”?

●      Some professionals go to the other extreme and write very short sentences, and at times, phrases which neither explain complete meaning nor give clear instructions. Examples of such writing are – “See u today@5, Meeting tomorrow at 10.”

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