Business Letter Writing

Business Letters are written to express good news, bad news, thanks, acknowledgement, invitation, request, Problem, denial or complaints. It is usually sent via email and bears the company letterhead.

A business letter is divided into three parts −

●      Introduction − Opens with greetings and/or references to previous mails.

●      Middle − Contains details and added information.

●      Conclusion − Suggests or mentions action to be taken and the ending.

Business Letter Writing

Format of a Business Letter

A business letter normally contains the following elements −

●      Letterhead

●      Organization name

●      Address

●      Telephone number

●      Date

●      Reader’s name (Position preferred)

●      Address

●      Dear Mr. /Ms. [reader’s name]

●      Your ref. id (if in use) and Subject

●      Introduction

●      Body

●      Conclusion

●      With Regards

●      Writer’s signature

●      Name

●      Position

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