Organizational Behavior – Scope

In a very broad sense, the scope of OB is the extent to which it can govern or influence the operations of an organization. The scope of OB integrates 3 concepts respectively −

Individual Behavior                                                         

It is the study of individual’s personality, learning, attitudes, motivation, and job satisfaction. In this study, we interact with others in order to study about them and make our perception about them.

Example − The personal interview round is conducted to interact with candidates to check their skills, apart from those mentioned in the resume.

Inter-individual Behavior

It is the study conducted through communication between the employees among themselves as well as their subordinates, understanding people’s leadership qualities, group dynamics, group conflicts, power and politics.

Example − A meeting to decide list of new board members.

Group Behavior

Group behavior studies the formation of organization, structure of organization and effectiveness of organization. The group efforts made towards the achievement of organization’s goal is group behavior. In short, it is the way how a group behaves.

Example − Strike, rally etc.

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