Privacy Angle

In an 1890 Harvard Law Review seminar in, Warren and Brande said the golden words about privacy. It is an ethical and moral concept. They described privacy to be −

“Central to dignity and individuality and personhood. Privacy is also indispensable to a sense of autonomy — to ‘a feeling that there is an area of an individual’s life that is totally under his or her control, an area that is free from outside intrusion.’ The deprivation of privacy can even endanger a person’s health.”

The Constituents of Privacy

Privacy can be broken down to limiting others’ access to an individual or business organizations’ information with “three elements of secrecy, anonymity, and solitude.”

●      Anonymity is related with the right to protection from undesired attention.

●      Solitude refers to the deficiency of physical proximity of a business or an individual.

●      Secrecy is the protection of personalized information from being freely accessed.

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