Importance of Culture

A noticeable advantage in International Business is hiked through the knowledge and use of language. An International entrepreneur fluent in the local languages has the following advantages −

●      The talent of communicating with employees and customers directly.

●      Acknowledging the way of speaking within business in the local area to increase total productivity.

●      Gaining respect of customers and employees from speaking with them in their native tongue.

In some cases, it is next to impossible to completely understand a culture’s buying habits without first taking the time to study the culture properly. Few examples of the benefit of understanding local culture include the following −

●      Facilitate marketing techniques that are precisely tailored for the local market.

●      Studying how other enterprises function and what might or might not be social taboos or myths.

●      Having a complete knowledge on the time structure of an area.

Some societies or in some regions people are more focused on “being on time” while others focus on doing business at “the right time”. Thus, while establishing a business at the international level one cannot neglect the customs, traditions and culture of various nations.

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