Added Roles of an Entrepreneur

Apart from the above-mentioned roles, there are some specific entrepreneurial roles that a person is supposed to fill up in his duties of an entrepreneur. These are divided into three categories, which are as follows −

●      Social Roles,

●      Economic Roles, and

●      Technological Roles.

Let us now discuss each of them in detail.

Social Roles of Entrepreneur

●      Creating opportunities for entrepreneurship.

●      Creating job or employment opportunities in the society.

●      Engaging in social welfare services of redistributing income and wealth.

●      Transforming a standard working procedure into a more modern approach.

Economic Roles of Entrepreneur

●      Bearing the risk of failing in business.

●      Mobilizing the revenue of the organization properly.

●      Utilizing human resources in a cost-efficient manner.

●      Providing channels of further economic growth in the organization.

Technological Roles of Entrepreneur

●      Changing traditional technology to modern system.

●      Adapting improved technology to business environment.

●      Utilization of available technology in the production process.

●      Developing efficiency and competence in the workforce through technology

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