Int Marketing – Basic Modes of Entry

The mode of entry is the path or the channel set by a company to enter into the international market. Many alternative modes of entry are available for an organization to choose from and expand its business.

Some of the basic modes or paths companies use to enter into the global market are as follows −


For some companies, internet is a new mode of marketing while for some it is the only source of marketing. With the change in recent trends, a large number of innovative enterprises promote their goods and services on the internet through E-marketing.

For example, online shopping websites like Amazon provide a wide range of products for all age groups. A customer only needs an active internet connection to browse through the website and order any product of his choice. The product gets delivered at your doorstep and shopping is made simple and easy with E-marketing.


Licensing is a process of creating and managing a contract between the owner of a brand and a company which wants to use the brand in association with its product. It refers to that permission as well which is given to an organization to trade in a particular territory. Licensing further has different channels namely.


It is that form of business where the owner of a firm or the franchiser distributes his products and services through affiliated dealers or the franchisees. Franchising comes with i

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