Benefits of Corporate Arts-based Learning

  • Activities such drawing, painting, carving, quiet the rational mind and awaken the intuitive mind, which enable flashes of insight to occur.
  • Visual art teaches us to see more nuances & details about a subject. Innovators, artists, and inventors all have excellent observation skills.
  • Music teaches us to listen more deeply, and this skill can be transferred to leadership and management development

Learning how to think like an artist means learning how to:

  • Reframe problems in order to generate new perspectives.
  • Observe information to decipher complexity, make meaning and discern emerging futures.
  • Find relationships between unrelated ideas and events.
  • Use imagination to spark ideas
  • Work at the edge of your potential.
  • Take conceptual risks
  • Work within constraints
  • Use all the senses to surface insights
  • Transform vision into action

Art–based learning for business can enhance:

  • Artful reflection: Learning to decode complexity and ambiguity
  • Creative leadership development
  • Cultivating Creativity & Innovation
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Values creation and meaningful work
  • Appreciative Inquiry and leading change
  • Corporate retreats: Hosting Strategic Conversations
  • Meetings and Think Tanks
  • Culture change
  • New product development
  • Idea-generation and problem-solving
  • Role-playing and improving communications

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