Organizational Effectiveness

We helped a transportation company find ways improve the quality of life on its ships, boost morale, and improve communications. We interviewed key personnel, then led ship captains, engineers and management through a creative problem-solving process that included story telling and theatre. They identified key changes they wanted to make to improve conditions on the ships, and we established an innovation task force to take responsibility and ensure follow-through. This improved relationships with head office, and as well as quality of life on the ships.

Organizational Identity

The Health, Safety and Environment Dept. of the University of British Columbia “wanted to have a reconnect with the mission/objectives of the department and our role in the University. We also wanted to re-establish our organizational identity, agree on our core values and explore customer communication and recognition.” We accomplished this through a sequence of processes that involved visual and metaphoric thinking, collaboration, story telling and strategic visioning.

Creating a Shared Vision for a new business Enterprise

The process you used made the maximum use of the short time we had together. The brief introduction of what the brainstorming prepared the mind for the objective; followed by an “ice breaker” dropped the mental guard and prepared the mind for the creative process. Creating a vision in pairs allowed each group to work in synergy; which ultimately lead to a qualified success of the session.

Part of the draw to the session nobody had ever experienced “artful” brainstorming. It was really great to see how each of the participants interacted with their partner and the group; especially with the “art dialogue” section.

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