8 Ways to Mine the Future for Innovation

  1. Observe and track trends.
    Trend spotting is a useful creativity tool to help uncover innovative potential. Successful trend spotting will allow you to determine which trends are commercially viable to exploit.
  2. Visit trade shows outside your industry.
    How can you apply new processes or new technology to your business?
  3. Visit art galleries, museums, and attend cultural events.
    What are the arts reflecting back to you. What can art teach you about coping with change, ambiguity and paradox?
  4. Read the classics for timeless wisdom to sharpen your thinking.
    Aristotle, Shakespeare, Adam Smith.
  5. Volunteer.
    Volunteering gives you a chance to expand your network, experiment and exercise your creativity.
  6. Learn to be a better listener.
    Find something useful about ideas that annoy you.
  7. Once a week, read trade magazines from a different industry.
    Find two things in every issue that relate to your business or provoke new thinking.
  8. Delphic oracle: Know thyself.
    Who are you and what do you stand for? This is your foundation and compass at the individual and organizational level. Take time out  for contemplation, reflection and any activity that puts you in the creative flow: Running, walking, meditation, art-making etc.

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