Appreciating Uncertainty

In this chapter, we will learn how to appreciate uncertainty in life. Appreciating uncertainty makes us free from worrying about the outcomes of life. In an earlier chapter, we learnt that having expectations from life makes our life unhappier as we grow authoritative in attitude. But, one who appreciates the fact that life is full of uncertainties and outcomes should not be predicted, are the ones who are happy.

No Uncertainty = No Excitement                       

This forms the essence of this chapter, in which we will learn how to appreciate the uncertain nature of life. If there was no uncertainty in life, there would be no thrill in life. The excitement in life comes from the uncertainties of life. You would not feel happy while playing chess, if you already knew what the next move of your opponent was. Or the life which you are living would certainly be dull if you already knew what the next thing was coming ahead. Having no uncertainty in life makes your life dull, boring and useless to live.

This is the reason many people experience happiness in gambling or in casino or in solving Sudoku. Hence, uncertainty is a vital element for enjoying life. And this is why we must start appreciating uncertainty for that is what brings in happiness. You are not supposed to feel anxious for the uncertainties of life but you should certainly feel excited. The positive side of uncertainty of life needs to be looked into by everyone.

Flow in Uncertainties

You need to experience the flow moment with uncertainties in life. We must not forget that life today is too fast. It changes in hours. This is why it is futile to fear uncertainties in life. If something negative has happened in life, the next moment can bring you happiness as well. Try to analyze the lifestyle that you are leading and try to fix the problems that you face in day to day life.

●      Ask yourself the following questions to understand this chapter better.

●      What will you choose- a game of cards with predicted outcomes or unpredicted ones?

●      Would you enjoy participating in a contest which has its results fixed in your favor?

●      Would you be fine if you knew the odds against you or in your favor before a job interview itself?

●      How much would you love to watch a re-telecast of soccer match which you have already watched earlier?

●      How much would you like watching a movie the second time, compared to the first time you watched it?

If your answers show that you will love when uncertainties exist in each of the instances, then it proves that happiness will come in your life only if you begin to appreciate uncertainties in life. Otherwise, life will become too predictable for you and there will be not even an iota of thrill left in life. Hence, to be happy, it is required to appreciate the uncertainties in life.

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