Emotion Regulation Techniques

In the last chapter, we studied how keeping a check on our emotions can help us mitigate authoritative behavior and keep us happy. However, it is imperative to understand what the techniques are to regulate one’s emotion to stay happy in life.

Let us look into the following strategies to regulate our emotions for happiness −

Strategy 1: Regulate Emotions                    

The first technique to regulate emotions is to eliminate the problems at their initial state as well. For example, if you feel that an investment has high risks of failing and can result in huge losses for you, then it is better not to make that investment. Try not to give rise to situations that can land you in problems. “Nip the evil in the bud” must be the mantra of life. Such incidents can only make you depressed.

Strategy 2: Label Emotions

The second technique is to label your emotions. Tell yourself what emotions you are going through is a good idea. When you feel angry, say to yourself “I am feeling angry”. When you are feeling happy, say that “I am feeling happy”. Don’t analyze the emotion; just name it and move on. Like if you have failed in an interview, say to yourself, “This is demoralizing”. This helps to control your emotion as well.

Strategy 3: Direct Mind towards Happiness

The third technique is to direct your mind towards the things that make you happy and away from the things that are saddening. This is what kids do and that is why they are happier than us. Don’t take credit for your success and don’t blame others for your loss. You are the one responsible for whatever happens to you. So, make yourself happy by thinking about things that elate you.

Blaming others ruins our relationships and this is why it leads to unhappiness. Excessive optimism and despising people can lead to unhappiness. One way of trying this technique is to think of things that bring about authentic pride and not hubristic pride. In a pressing situation, you can think of an incident where you stood against the odds and tackled all the obstacles successfully.

Mind Towards Happiness

Strategy 4: Re-interpret

The fourth technique to regulate emotions is to re-interpret the events of life. Perhaps, what appeared to be a big problem may turn out to be a small problem if you analyze it well. Your failure in a soccer match may seem to be a huge problem and can sadden you. But on revisiting the situation, you will find that the result of your next soccer match does not depend on the lost match. This will cheer you up and you will not feel the same level of gloom after the reappraisal of the situation that happened in your life.

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