Symptoms of an Unbalanced Life

What is the right time to notice an improper trend in the way you are leading your life? What are the things to look out for in a person’s attitude towards his job and family?

It has been widely observed that the first symptom of improper work-life balance is change in weight. People either lose or gain weight drastically due to high fluctuations in their eating habits. These weight and eating disorders are caused due to the absence of any orderly manner of eating healthy food. When you don’t give sufficient thought to what you eat, especially when you are surrounded by junk food, there is every chance that your weight goes out of control.

The second thing to look out for is exhaustion. A person who is not leading a healthy and happy life will always be a victim of exhaustion. If a person spends more time than is necessary at his work when his body needs rest, then he tends to develop partial insomnia, which could lead to dizziness, indigestion, clumsiness, irritation to accidents while driving.

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