How to Get a Balanced Life?

The following list helps you to realize which area of your life you worry about the most and neglect the most, so that you can understand what needs to be done to address those issues.

The table has five essential areas that need to be addressed in order to have a proper work-life balance. After you have read the questions, you can write a short response to them. This will help you identify the next step you must take in your life so that you can give equal importance to all spheres of life and not miss out on any one of them.

●      For how many hours do I work per week?●      Do I take my work to complete it back home?●      Do I accept work-related calls while at home?
●      Am I willing to listen in case of a disagreement?●      Am I available enough to be a good role model to my children?●      Is my work getting affected due to disturbances in personal life?
●      Am I facing debt worries?●      Am I ready with my future’s budget yet?●      Do I feel comfortable thinking about my finances?
Body & HealthResponses
●      Do I exercise regularly?●      Do I regulate how much caffeine I consume?●      What should be the ideal time to sleep and wake up for me?
Personal & Spiritual GrowthResponses
●      Am I able to schedule time for meditation?●      DO I get enough time for self-reflection?●      What can I do to strengthen my spiritual consciousness?

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