Public Library Mngmt – General Structure

People like to visit libraries not only for enhancing their knowledge but also for browsing through new books or music, access important and expensive reading material that they cannot buy otherwise, and for spending their leisure time in a constructive manner. Every reader or researcher likes to visit a well-managed library.

A library is an institution where people spend time browsing through the collection of books, music, or videos. They spend time there for reading or finding out the required information. Hence libraries need to provide some basic amenities for their subscribers and working staff.

The following illustration shows how a small public library is laid out −

When it comes to forming a library building, the following questions need to be answered −

●      What type of subscribers are going to use the library?

●      How many people should it accommodate?

●      What kind of technical support is required to be given under service?

●      How is the library going to react to future changes?

●      What more than the basic services the library is going to give: Cafeteria, Screening, and Conference?

●      Where will the patrons and librarians interact?

The structure of public library should reflect its services and should be flexible enough to accommodate new services.

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