Country Brands

Countries, like companies, apply branding to help themselves market for investment, tourism, and exports. The ‘Country of Origin’ is commonly referenced by the term ‘Made in…’ which depicts an association with the product’s place of origin, which works as effectively as product quality.

Consumers are aware of the origin of the product and ethics used behind creating that product. Some associations of countries and products are France = fashion, wine, and cheese, Italy = design, India = spices, Denmark = chocolate, Germany = automotive, Japan = electronics, etc.

Country Brands

Today, the brands apart from being associated with their countries also need to show their strong connection with the country such as having a manufacturing setup in the country, influx of designs emerging from the talent present in the country, or having a part of production process set up in that country. For the simple reason, the consumers are more likely to buy the product or service if they are authentic. The brand managers need to emphasize on such points while branding.

The Country Brand Index (CBI) measures and ranks the countries on the strength and power of their nation’s brand.

Examples of brand messaging by some countries − “Botswana Our pride, your destination.”, “Canada – Keep exploring”.

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